CONCOA Introduces New Laser Installation Kits

January 3, 2017 - Virginia Beach, VA – CONCOA has announced a series of laser installation kits designed to condense the time needed for field startup of laser equipment.

Equipped with all of the parts that are essential for startup, CONCOA’s laser installation kits streamine the regulator, fitting, and hose installation process to boost the timeliness and productivity of laser startup and validation while obtaining minimal costs.

Functioning as a team with the 67B Series High Flow, High Pressure Regulator, a exceptional finish is ensured by ejecting molten metal from the kurf zone with instantaneous response and minimal pressure drop. Additionally, the 601 Series Dual-Stage Regulator administers minimal permeation rates with 1x10¯⁸ ccs/second helium leak rate and an integral purge valve with lower threaded connections. These components have been determined crucial in CO based resonator applications, as permeation directly contributes to contamination, causing greater maintenance costs and lower efficiency caused by inadequate beam quality.

Acessible with CONCOA’s complete line of laser gas delivery systems and used in combination with robust materials of construction and confirmed impressive throughout many years of industry experience, CONCOA laser installation kits guarantee excellent achievement and accuracy in any application worldwide.

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