Sulfur Dioxide Supplier to Cincinnati

Wright Brothers is a much relied-upon supplier of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) to quite a few businesses in this area surrounding and including Cincinnati.

Sulphur Dioxide is a colorless, irritating, nonflammable, poisonous, liquefied gas transported under its own vapor pressure in cylinders, ton containers, or small (1,000–5,000 gallon) tanks. Sulfur dioxide shows up in nature, most especially as a result of volcanic occurrences, when hydrocarbons containing sulfur catch fire in the atmosphere. Commercial production is almost always as a byproduct of other manufacturing; the methodology of its generation is a matter of the demand for other products. A frequent source of sulfur dioxide has been the production of calcium silicate cement from calcium sulfate and coke.

Undoubtedly the most significant use of sulfur dioxide is in petroleum refining. By means of the Claus Process, petroleum refiners produce elemental sulfur and water by adding sulfur dioxide to hydrocarbons containing hydrogen sulfide.

Since the ancient Romans first set down their wine production techniques, sulfur dioxide has been applied almost universally to minimize the oxidation of fermenting spirits. The largest use of packaged amounts of sulfur dioxide remains as a preservative in the winemaking process. SO2 enjoys use also as preservative for dried fruits; it allows fruits to keep their color and reduces the growth of microorganisms.

Earlier on, before the synthesis and commercialization of chlorofluorocarbons in the 1930’s, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and methyl chloride all found widespread use in mechanical refrigeration.

As it is now, SO2 is used also produce part-per-million-level calibration gas mixtures for the petrochemical industry and environmental emission monitoring.

Any commercial enterprise in Cincinnati wanting a source of sulfur dioxide they can rely on would do well to call us, Wright Brothers, at 800-637-2222. You can contact us online, too. We deliver PurityPlus® sulfur dioxide throughout this market. You can be sure we also offer other products from PurityPlus®, the premier name in specialty gases.