Supplier of Specialty Gases to the Life Sciences Industry in Cincinnati

Wright Brothers makes a full variety of PurityPlus® gases and attendant equipment for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields – each of which is a part of the burgeoning life sciences industry. We use technologically superior filling facilities and analytical laboratories to deliver high-purity gases and high-accuracy mixtures for all research, inhalation, and diagnostic applications.

Our clientele further know us to distribute a full line of cryogenic equipment such as cryogenic freezers, liquid withdrawal devices, and personal safety equipment. We have full line capability, which means, you can count on us for such items as portable liquid containers, micro- and mini-bulk systems, and large-bulk gas installations, among other things. Beyond this, we offer a full line of high-purity regulators and gas control devices that fulfill very precise standards of pressure control.

Some of the applications our gases support include:

  • Blood Gas analyzer mixtures
  • Lung Diffusion mixtures
  • Anaerobic mixtures
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Liquid Helium
  • Excimer Laser mixtures

At Wright Brothers we know how critical it is to the life sciences industry that you not only get the most suitable product, but also that you get it when you need it – and that it’s backed by the correct equipment. We've supported enterprises like yours in Cincinnati for a long time now, and we can assist you. Get hold of us at 800-637-2222 today or contact us online to find out more!